Just What Is It?

It’s to laugh that Trump’s “Build The Wall” gimmick will be just another failure in the Whitehouse occupation of a Federal employee and [sic] “public servant,” of a mobster who was installed by an adversarial foreign government. Of which President Joe Biden will correct by employing a non-fascist, non-white supremacist xenophobic, non-racist nativist approach to the long standing challenge of illegal border crossings by those who are seeking asylum & refuge, as well as criminal national security threats . . .

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To look at the monstrosity that Trump wanted to build it appears to be a fence-like structure . . . but there are those who delusionally believe “up is down,” “the sky red, not blue” . . . wet is dry and all just because an insane Trump says so.

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What is more amusing is that the term “The Wall” was nothing more than a political prop to entice Trump’s The Poorly Educated® to buy into yet another delusional illusion. Just what is it? . . . It’s a fence.

And THESE are ‘walls’ . . .

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Walls of Avila

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