The Russians Are Coming!

. . . no, they are here, and as recent as the 2016 U.S. General and Presidential election. And no, it is NOT “a hoax.” The recent spate of Russian organized crime/wave of cyber attacks against U.S. businesses are just another chapter in the Russian/Putin government out to destabilize the United States of America …

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Yet, yours truly had to reply to a Trump’ supporter what a lie of their “hoax” was recently . . .

Rachel Ward .. of late Russian organized crime and likely Russian .mil intel elements of the FSB, SVR and GRU hacking and holding American companies hostage in a ransomware cyber assault isn’t a “hoax” . . . nor was their meddling and influencing the *2016 U.S. General election where they were successful in installing a goof and stooge in the way of Donald J. Trump in the top federal employment post of the U.S. government, and as a [sic] “public servant” . . . whose mission was to destabilize the United States of America .. and continues to try to do so since he was FIRED from office in a landslide . . “Hoax …” yeah right . . . it was Trump who was just that . . . but just remember this when you see the price of gasoline and when you purchase your next hot dog . . . Putin’s Russian gov’t wins . . . U.S. loses yet again . . . BUT . . . “what comes around, goes around” . . .

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