Cancel Culture 101

Have read and seen on the Internets® and in the media this term ‘cancel culture’ bandied about and tossed around like a #MAGA slogan call-to-arms . . . What leaps to mind is just what ‘culture’ and whose ‘culture?’ . . . In what context is just being ‘cancelled’ and what are the serious ramifications of this term?

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This ‘term’ appears to primarily come from the pro-Donald Trump QAnon, right-wing . . .lunatic fringe corners of [sic] conservative discourse and narratives and spheres of influence . . . notably and recently from the likes of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who is being investigated for the sex trafficking of a minor and a controversial QAnon, Proud Boys and Oath Takers (deemed a domestic terrorist org) advocate and spokeswoman Republican Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) who believes that the deadly wildfires in California in the recent past were from “Jewish Space Lasers” . . . okie dokie and to the point:(s)

1) Nothing is being “cancelled” . . . it’s a concocted myth and unsubstantiated urban legend . . .

2) The feeling or even lie that the cancellation of celebrities, beliefs or even political affiliations and dogma is a sentiment borne out of resentment, in and of a changing country which is becoming more ethnically and socially diverse

3) The opinion that some concept of #MAGA or conversely “make America great again” is rhetoric of dictators, authoritarians & despots . . . historically use and employ. Nothing that is ‘great’ need not be paraded like some cheap slogan (ie. “so long as you know it, why brag about it?” .. and if you lost it why in the fck would you want anyone to know?)

4) The ‘cancellation’ of the ‘culture’ in question is one that is sentimental . . . before Civil Rights . . . before Women’s Rights . . . and America where certain ethnicies, religions and cultures were ‘minor’ to the ‘privileged’ majority of the UNITED States of America’s fiber, composition and PEOPLE was what made it “great” to begin with . . .

5) The term “cancel culture” is one that is unfit in terms of that being serious, or even productive to a progressive nature of a nation struggling to maintain some semblance of equality and freedom & “justice for all” . . . what is imbued in this term is the same as “make America great again” and contrary to the fact it is ‘great’ to begin with (can anyone see the lie?) … and a ‘culture’ that is rich and fulsome in moral character and composition . . . those touting this warped term are looking for an “out” . . . an excuse . . . a reason to divide a nation that will continue to be “great” . . . for which it has been and always will be.

Cancel Culture: An Adolescent’s Demand For Candy During Dinner .. nothing more.

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