Just Like Al Capone

The parallel between how the notorious Chicago gangster Alfonse Capone was taken down and wound up in the Federal Prison of Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, via his book keeper and accountant is nothing short of ironic when it comes to Trump’s own CFO and accountant Alan Weisselberg.

Now the question begs: Without the “immunity” of the office of the Presidency which Donald J. Trump abused and defiled . . . will he be cuffed, and or even “frog marched” into U.S. SDNY federal court to face the very same charges that his tax cheat and swindler Alan Weisselberg is now being prosecuted for? . . . And in the fifteen felony charges, how many will he be convicted of . . . and for how long?

UPDATE: 7.12.2021

(CNN) Indicted Trump Organization CFO removed as an officer from several company subsidiaries

. . . AND who didn’t see something like this happening? The next we may hear from Trump is that, “I never new the guy . . .?” … or “go ask Rudy” . . . oh, but wait . . .

Watch this space® . . .

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