January 6 – 2nd Year Anniversary

Dateline: January 2, 2023 – 1202 hrs. (PDT)

Who cannot forget that day, Wednesday, January 6, 2021 when the loser of the U.S. 2020 election, Donald J. Trump called upon his MAGA Cult of domestic terrorists and thugs to “march to the capitol” and to thwart the time-honored “peaceful transfer of power” of the country in a joint Constitutional session of Congress confirming the 46th President of the United States, Joseph Biden?

Who will not deny that it was Trump who presumably planned, provoked and incited a seditious insurrection that resulted destruction of the U.S. Capitol and violence & death within its walls and halls and chambers on that horrific day?

Who in all good consciousness will accept the fact that those responsible must be brought to justice . . and not only those who were there at the Capitol attacking law enforcement and threatening U.S. House of Representative law makers and the Vice President Mike Pence, for who they brought a gallows and noose to lynch and hang him with?

Who will ever forget or try to forget this, yet another Day of Infamy in U.S. History . . . Trump? GQP Rethuglicunt congressmen and women? His delusional MAGA supporters? Or will it just pass like the sands of time into a vacuum of just another moment painful enough to forget?

Presumably and when the account and annals of this terrible day is “in the books” and “in stone” there will be no doubt as to, not so much who was to blame, but in memorial when a free and democratic nation came close to the precipice of being toppled and subsequently controlled by depraved, deranged, demented and degenerate authoritarian and fascist coddler, Donald J. Trump.

As of this writ there are well over a dozen of investigations into Trump’s corruption and criminal behavior and for now not ONE indictment has been filed. However, time and patience of the American people and that of justice has not waned; not in the six years that this piece of shit has been around. And he will come to rue the day when he came down that escalator and castle of Trump Tower on 2015 to announce his entry in the 2016 presidential election and clandestine determination to either RULE indefinitely . . . or wreck and or remove if necessary, The United States of America.


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