What Would Reagan Do ?

What is happening to the Republican party, and when all three candidates quote and aspire to the greatest Republican in American political history?  What ever happened to the late-President Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment?

…Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. It’s a rule I followed during that campaign and have ever since.

Might he rolling over in his hallowed grave given how profane and nasty the fight for the nomination has become …and perhaps even worst? It’s morbidly conceivable. But much has happened in the last 72-hour news cycle; from the Carly Fiorina-Ted Cruz political nuptial, to the Ted Cruz-John Kaisch political divorce, to card games between Hillary Clinton and The_Donald; the current House Speaker, Paul Ryan declaring that he has “no problem” with either of the leading Republican candidates, and doing his due diligence in trying to maintain, or even obtain some semblance of unity within the Party. The State of the Party appears to be in dire need of repair, before even laying out plans prior to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland come June.

Then, comes former Republican House Speaker, John Bohner. Unknown to him he was recorded in describing Ted Cruz as “Lucifer” aka Satan, aka Beelzebub, aka The Devil, and something about “over my dead body,” if Cruz were to win the nomination. Shucks, it even pissed-off Satan worshipers.  He was also quoted in candidly stating that he has “played golf” w/The_Donald, and they are the best of buddies. To top it all off he emphatically, stated and urged a vote for The_Donald, and not “The Devil,” despite his disbelief “there aren’t enough White-males to get him [The_Donald] elected,”  and to win the Presidency. Reality sure does bite.

Sure, Bohner was attacked by a House that was ‘out of control,’ not so long ago, and part of that rabid pack of renegade Republicans was none other than Ted Cruz, and for whom, obviously, has an ax the size of Paul Bunyan. Sure, those were some contentious times in the House of Representatives, when all the Tea Party movement knives were out to censure Speaker Bohner, and to ultimately boot him out onto the Capitol Mall. Sure, there is now a trickle of those in Congress making statements in favor of a The_Donald nomination. However, this is not boding too well for both Kasich and Cruz. With needing just over 50% of the remaining delegates, and with polls favoring him in the Indiana primary, it looks as though The_Donald is on his way to getting to that magic number of 1237, and the Republican presidential nomination.  And Republicans, and namely the #nevertrump #notrump movement appears to be going the way of the two candidates that are left to campaign stunts, as opposed to the traditional stumps.

Then when things appear to be slowing down in these campaigns the ‘hits just keep on coming.” “He’s not a Republican,” said bench chair tossing, and former-Hoosier coach Bobby Knight, in his support of The_Donald. Wow.  (*Look out for the next JW-blog entry regarding this)  And went on to rant and suggest, in the context of President Harry Truman, that The_Donald is fit and is prepared to indiscriminately use nuclear weapons on who the latter sees fit! Might be this double-super-secret plan to get rid of ISIS, “very, very quickly?” Double-wow.

Nevertheless thank God it’s Friday.  But it has been a really interesting week in American politics and an active one; from The_Donald’s campaign jaunt into Costa Mesa, and Burlingame,  California to  end of the Kaisch-Cruz campaign alliance that never was, and of which officially dissolved at the beginning of the week with a lot of laughter– The G.O.P. race for the nomination, and culminating in Cleveland, Ohio is going to get even more interesting, if not amusing. But the collateral cost/damage to the party continues to mount. And if it is a The_Donald vs. Clinton come November, the party may never be the same again.

Oh, but what has happened to the your/our parent’s Republican Party … And now the question really begs WWRD (What Would Reagan Do)?

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