U.S. Foreign Policy: Redeux ?

Dateline: Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Washington, D.C.

In a somewhat of a surprise disclosure of The_Donald’s foreign policy would be it would appear that he doesn’t know WTF he is talking about. Political pundits have described it as “a mess” or “crazy,” and or the “incoherent ramblings” of a person who doesn’t possess a clue as to the what, where and whens involving U.S. foreign policy. It was for all intents and purposes an amalgamation of contradictions accented with a whole lot of jingoism and sheer ignorance.

In laying out what his foreign policy agenda may entail it was becoming glaringly obvious that he was not aware of what the ramifications were of such proposals and ideas. Specifics or even a smidgen of detail was not found anywhere in this rambling, and kabuki-like theater saber rattling from a emblazoned pulpit bearing his name, and Twitter address.

A joke? No. This is real. Just like reality television The_Donald performed to the masses, and the mass media, his litany of everything wrong with American foreign policy, and promising everything under heaven to fix it: “Trust me,” he says. But can the American voter, and the electorate, if and or when he becomes the POTUS really do so?

Much has already been said of this political and historic campaign event, however it appears that memories have come up short in realizing just what the potential, or promise The_Donald has for America (to ‘Make It Great’ again), and specifically what might it be. For starters his number one goal is to “defeat” the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant aka “ISIS.”

The_Donald goes to declare, “I won’t tell them where. I won’t tell them how …” to a tepid and smattering of applause:

But seriously… no SH!T! Why would anyone in their right mind do so?

“Unpredictability?” There is no predicting where this policy in speech was going. Please forgive the expletive, however and back to the point; this sort of talk is dangerous to the United States citizens in country, abroad and its national security, as it comes across to allies and foes alike, as nothing more than an idle threat from a wealthy American celebrity who wants to take on, militarily, the most deadly terrorist organization in the world to date. Tough talk is cheap, and coming from a person who does not possess the experience or even the common sense in addressing such a serious matter is, to say the least, inciting and inviting to those who want do damage, or even destroy America.

Nearly a decade and a half ago, America has been down this road before with people who advised the 41st …

Yes, post-9/11 and who really recalls what happened before, during and after? Where were those WMDs that these advisers predicated their justification upon in creating a war in the Middle East, and specifically Iraq? Who were those who were truly instrumental and influential in all of this?  …The_Donald said that he would bring in the “best” and the “brightest(?)” of people to advise him on most if not all matters regarding the executive. However, if there is a hint as to how he selects these “advisers,” or in the creation of his cabinet and staff, there is a clue in the way of Paul Manafort, and yes, a lobbyist who he has now entrusted to advise him. And since coming on-board The_Donald’s campaign, he’s done “one heck’uva job,” to this point.

No. There was a whole lot of smoke coming from The_Donald and his ‘promise,’ but little, or no fire in the way of anything resembling rationality. Yet, to experiment with America’s foreign policy is not some “internship” where one relies heavily on On-The-Job-Training, because there is simply no “YOU’RE FIRED,” but Americans and nation being fired upon in the end.

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