Of Deals & Intentions

Dateline: San Jose, CA (SJC)
May 7, 2016 5:45pm

The_Donald talks big and loud about making “deals,” and has published get-rich-quick books that touch if not focus upon negotiation styles, methods and practices. However, doesn’t any sort of deal involve some sort of a contract or legal instrument to guarantee the viability of such an enterprise or proposal?


In the 90’s Republican-led House of Representatives and in an effort to balance the Federal budget crafted something called the Balance Budget Amendment, or conversely speaking, the “Contract with America.” Most of the proposed Acts within this legislation did not pass and others were vetoed, or watered down. But a “contract,” in terms of politics, was perceived by the voting public and Americans at large.

However, what sort of contract can The_Donald present to reinforce everything, under heaven that he is promising to those who would vote for him and under the best of intentions? And although he has never been elected, or held public office – much less crafting any laws or policies that would affect American citizens, what would his CONTRACT entail? President Franklin D. Roosevelt offered a couple of “New Deals” when the country collapsed into the Great Depression; among one was the 1933 Banking Act to mitigate/harness the greed of Wall Street and the markets, and for which led to the financial and economic catastrope of 1929.

Speaking of “walls,” there is a “wall” that The_Donald is not only proposing but promising, under his Pay For The Wall position.  And recently floating the idea of possibly mandating a specialized roaming military(?) or I.C.E. units to comb through cities, towns and neighborhoods to target and find illegal immigrants, and all with the very best of intentions. And there is Economic Recovery & Tax Reform, and where he suggested recently in a campaign stump to default, or foreclose, or even allow the nation’s debt to go bankrupt; rationale being is that it could ‘leverage’ the discharged debt in another favorable manner? He would know. He’s the wheeler-dealer in and of several bankruptcies, all of which were under the best of intentions.

Americans should ask themselves, “Where is the Contract” for the many ‘sweet deals’ that The_Donald will deal to America?  Where and what is the guarantee that it won’t default or go into some sort of receivership that would ‘panic the civilians,’ and markets; cripple the economy, and kick it back into the curb that Americans are still crawling out of since the Bush-Cheney administration?

The_Donald now sees ‘art’ in politics and his palette is his own campaign on the road to the Presidency. Many have expressed awe and adulation of his artistry (on Twitter and otherwise); some even worship, yet for others see it as a ‘red herring prospectus’ that could turn the best of deals sour, or even rotten. Whatever THE DEAL is, it is certain to be that with the best of intentions. But how it is “paved,” and or where it winds up is the real question.

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