The_Donald’s War on Women

Dateline: Coronado, CA
May 10, 2016  6:06pm

The venerable late-Nancy Reagan had her and America’s “War on Drugs.” But contemporarily it’s interesting that The_Donald desires to continue to play the “woman card” in his campaign stumps in some pseudo “War on Women?” And of the things that he has said, in the context of women …are they so horrible and bad? Okay. That was a rhetorical question. However, and more germane to the question regarding The_Donald’s attitude towards women, is it conceivable that he’s a teeny-weenie itsy-bitsy bit of a woman himself? No. Seriously. One can point to psychology and the colloquial, of men ‘being in touch with their feminine side.’ As one can go on to observe behavior that may support that an individual, and in this case The_Donald, is completely in touch with it, but subliminally trying to force it from coming out into the open?

Now to this correspondent, and by no stretch of the imagination a psychologist has at length observed the hand gestures (here we go again with the hands) during The_Donald’s animated speeches, and specifically with the right hand. And what is striking is that he’s waving that thing like a 4th grade teacher telling her students ‘what for.’ Or swiveling and gyrating it, and forming thumb-forefinger circles, and pointing like some gang-banger flashin’ his homie’s signs. No. It isn’t a problem with how he gestures with his hand during speeches, but if you place this diametrically with what he has said about women, like say:

My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well documented, are various other parts of my body,” it is obviously narcissistic, but it really gets one to wonder, and in Arsenio Hall’s parlance, “Makes you want to go, hmmm?” And do we really want to go there?!?

Also, and of course, his more famous, “You have to treat ’em like shit.” Or the patronizing, “You wouldn’t have your job if you weren’t beautiful.”

But where it really is a telling nuance of The_Donald, is when in an interview with Esquire magazine in the early 90’s said, “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

Now who is to judge The_Donald? Not this correspondent. However, in observation there appears to be an adolescent girl screaming to come out. Yes, it would be easy to declare that he doesn’t like women, and that he is nothing but a womanizing ‘misogynist’ whose opinion of women in general are that ‘they’ are nothing but property, or pets like say a dog; as such, chattel that can freely be used, abused and or sold. Yet it would be safe to presume, and certain that he does hold some women in high regard, like perhaps the maternal or female members of his own immediate family – where in others like, say, dirt?

Albeit, the media and his detractors have developed an image of The_Donald that is strictly political, but on a personal note a bit maligned with those who see him as nothing more than some wealthy woman-hating troglodyte. However, in all fairness to him would it be fair to simply presume that he is just battling himself deep down inside, and with the feminine side ‘of the Force?’


Nah. Wouldn’t really want to go there either …

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