Beginning of the End?

Dateline: New York, NY
May 13, 2016  11:30pm

The week started with The_Donald telling America that it would be okay if the United States defaulted on it’s multi-trillion dollar debt, which is approaching $20-trillion and stating that he could treat it like a bankruptcy in “negotiating a better deal” to discharge it. Yeah, typical of a business person who is accustomed to failure and one who has the (sic) mentality to risk such a venture with one of the most economically powerful nations in the world.

Today, Friday the 13th, saw or heard The_Donald on NBC’s Today show with Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer discussing a telephone recording from 25 years ago. And basically the long and short of it, caught him in a blatant lie as the day wore on.

After this aired, and in regard to the Washington Post’s article which hit the newsstands and Internets this morning wasn’t so much as a “bombshell” development in these campaigns, but that of yet another instance where the presumed unhinged duplicitous insanity of The_Donald begins to unravel even more.

Earlier this evening and on MSNBC’s All In w/Chris Hayes he had The_Donald’s senior advisor in the way of conservative hack, Barry Bennett on. And with him ignorantly dismissing the facts around what had happened 25 years ago; The_Donald fraudulently posing as a “PR” representative, and speaking in the third-person, and over matters only he would know! Yet, I did feel a bit sorry for Chris since Bennett was being completely irrational and tossing non-sequitur in delusional atrophy like hand grenades at him.

Though this, along with his never ending flip-flopping, of which is beyond amusing or entertaining, on the issues and his proposed policies, as well as his recent refusal to disclose his taxes only adds to the circus that he has brought to the GOP and Republican party. Speaking of which, his summit with House Speaker Paul Ryan appears not to have phased him one bit …or so it would seem. This correspondent agrees with the wonks that Ryan, more than likely read The_Donald the proverbial “Riot Act.” Meaning to say, that he received lesson on Separation of Powers, U.S. Constitution Article I & the nature and true bully pulpit of House Speakership. But this matter today over a clear lie more than likely, in and of the meeting itself, set him off kilter since he responded today like a brat caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

This obviously hasn’t been a good week for The_Donald. In fact, as of this writ it appears that a tag team in the way of Bill Maher and Michael Moore, amusing entertainers by their own right, are grinding and honing their axes for some D-Day campaign against him, and away from the Clinton-Sanders battle for the Democratic nomination.

However and with all that is being debunked about The_Donald this doesn’t appear to affect those who desire to follow him into a potential, or even impending disaster(s) of a RNC Convention a few weeks from now, and a grueling General Election campaign; against a formidable opponent in the way of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

The naiveté or just plain ignorance of the “Trumpettes,” or trombones, or “MAGAs,” including a host of establishment Republicans and politicians, shall continue encourage The_Donald to forge (pun intended) on. And if he feels that the worst is behind him, and in terms of his past, and recent idiotic statements and proclamations he may be and painfully deluding himself, and of which is quite par for him …For now he is now going to learn the meaning of being “fully vetted,” and perhaps the beginning of the end of him being the ‘presumptive Republican presidential nominee?’

He has exploited the media for nearly a year now, and for his effort is now the leader of a party that is all but conceivably “Whig‘d” out, which no toupée, or implant, or even or comb-over can match. Yet for now it is “time to pay the piper.”

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