Two Faces of The_Donald – On Racism

Dateline: San Jose (SJC), CA
June 10, 2016  7:30pm (PDT)


Here do we have a clear example of duplicity from The_Donald?  Perhaps not.  Perhaps, and more than likely he is being forced by Reince Priebus, the RNC & House Speaker Paul Ryan to sound and act sane, as opposed to his unhinged-self since diving into politics.

However it has been observed that to diametrically view this narrative, or tone, the words spoken today could be construed as a peek into his cranial id.  Specifically where he’s dog whistling to himself, or those like-minded, something along the lines of reverse racism?

To this point, it looks as though that he is touching upon the thread of political correctness, but a chord out of tune with those who may begin to revile him for doing so.  Moreover and in trying to sound rational and ‘presidential’ will bring all of what he has said in the past under greater scrutiny.  And what this may exhibit is a modern day two-faced Janus, offering and opening a door to some ideal or greatness … to have it slammed back unto both faces of this demagogue, come charlatan in November – thus losing face either way.


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