Of Bullies, Bullsh!t & Boneheads

Dateline: (Interstate 5) Kettleman City, CA
June 13, 2016  11:55am (PDT)

Last week was a bad week and from there it has become worst with the horrific massacre that occured in Florida yesterday. And here, in this political season leading up to the American general election, and for the presidency of the United States the talking points and discussion is centered around how leaders, local and national are reacting to this.

ElephantBullyIn prefacing this treatise I will admit that the Republican presumptive nominee, The_Donald or @realDonaldTrump has gain a lot of attention and notoriety. I also admit that those close to me have chastised my postings as one being obsessed with this demagogue. However, and in a rational vein and as a military veteran, I sense danger in having this wealthy celebrity in charge of a progressive nation, and in possession of the nuclear code keys & buttons. Therefore, and not so much to sway opinion, I feel that my opinion should be penned for consideration, not of & for only the sane & rational, but the irrational and unhinged as well – after all there is this sacred document called The Bill of Rights, and specifically, the 1st Amendment of it.

I was told, “You’re just trying to grab attention.” Perhaps, but is that my ulterior motive? Maybe, but whomever on Twitter says they ain’t are deluding themselves from this. Now there is The_Donald. He needs to grab attention because his candidacy, and perhaps short political career depends on it. But what we are now seeing, despite his many years in the public light of celebrity, financial accomplishments (which are now coming into question) and behavior is something to behold, or even criticized, satirically mocked, and it is here where the crux of my ‘ulterior motive‘ lays?

Yes. IMHO he is a “bully” of the 1st order. Filled with cranial-rectal inverted bull sh!t, duplicity and a whole lot of falsehoods and flat out lies. Some writers in trying to get to the roux of this candidate, who is now appearing to look like some tired late-night infinite television infomercial, have consulted with mental health and psychological professionals. Politico’s “Dunning-Kruger Effect” article had a cogent one on The_Donald’s appeal to his supporters, Trumpettes™, and Trumpeteers™.

Now in recently wading out to the Twitter-sphere, I happened upon a thread that touched upon bullying and the character of The Pulse/Orlando massacre murderer; another where the Tweeter (a big supporter of The_Donald) suggested that bulling was a ‘reality.’ Yes. I agreed it is a reality, but when I asked if it was okay in the context of The_Donald, cognitive dissonance quickly set in and I was then thankfully & subsequently blocked by the poor fella, or gal. Woo hoo. Another bonehead bites the dust? In a cursory check of the Internets I then came across this:

My appeal to this article is that it was one of the most objective assessments of The_Donald to date that I’ve seen publicized. His attention-grabbing tweets, and campaign rhetoric over what had happened in Florida will take its inevitable toll; with his unhinged lunacy on-par, despite a recent announcement that he will be canceling his campaign for today – since having taken some degree of credit, for whatever action he imagines for the massacre this unpredictable scheduling was unexpected. But yes, not only does he come across as a certifiable bully but one who, like in this snippet from YouTube, is visually representative come November?

To this point, and in this time of reconciliation, healing & maintaining strength bullies national, and internationally may need to take heed. For this horror which has gripped Orlando, Florida and a nation (if not the world) shall have repercussions against, and with resolve, including a smattering of karmatic vengence – this which is lost upon boneheads is certain, as it is assured?

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