Of Hatred & Anger & Terror

Dateline: Sacramento, CA
June 12, 2016  11:00am (PDT)

Awoke this morning to this headline:

50 Shot Dead In Florida Nightclub; Worst Mass Shooting In U.S. History

…my feelings then went from fear, confusion and then took my feelings over this to Twitter:

In immediate calls to friends and family who are part of the LGBT community I can only offer comforting solace and hope that this will not and or never happen again, as it affect us all of us directly, and indirectly … Now comes the ugliness from those who subscribe, and are appreciative(???) of this:


The interpretation of this tweet is absolutely repugnantly disgusting, and downright inhumane, from the Republican presumptive presidential nominee, the @realDonaldTrump. And anger over this insensitive tweet may well be justified.

  • Update VIDEO: First openly-gay elected official in Orlando responds to the mass shooting at a gay nightclub – via AP/youtube.com
  • Update: Once again The_Donald exhibits just how delusionally deranged & attention grabbingly ‘stupid’ he can be. AFAIK not once did he offer condolences to families of those murdered. Only because this massacre is all about HIM … “Unsourced“=bull SH!T
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