History In The Making

Dateline: Irvine, CA
June 23, 2016  8:22am (PDT)

Went to bed late last night watching what was unfolding on the House floor of Congress. And upon waking my thoughts of how things have changed over the past 24 hours in American politics. Yesterday began with The_Donald’s counter-attack on HRC which for the most part was, IMHO a bit boring but had a smidgen of entertainment value in the prevarication, after prevarication he tossed willy-nilly throughout much of it. Then came a pop-up on my phone: “House Democrats Stage Sit-In.”

Hm. Then in turning on the cable feed initially thought ..”well this isn’t gonna be good.” Then I saw Congressman Garamendi (who I’ve met on occasion in SAC), and then thought that something momentous was occuring!

HouseThe more I watched the more my interest piqued; from the ‘pirated’ Periscope video feeds (due to a House-rule) to Congressmen/women taking turns speaking.  Now who led this just after noon yesterday was Congressman John Lewis, (D-GA) a Civil Rights giant by his own right and a true leader of a movement that changed the country those decades ago.  And through the night it went with Speaker Ryan calling the #nobillnobreak revolt by the Democrats nothing more than a “publicity stunt.”  Interesting how he equates all this as some political ploy; an effort to address real reform and change by the power of the “vote” regarding all the deaths since Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Orlando and countless others as one as being strictly ‘political.’  However, and when in fact, his actions and performance (or lack thereof) as Speaker of the House only leads the rational and sane to believe that it is he who is being ‘political,’ and in line with an agenda that warped and in need of address.

As of this posting the decorum of the House of Representatives is in total disarray with the Republican majority at odds as to what to do.  Yes, some rules were broken but it appears that those rules pale in comparison to what is going on here regarding the responsibility of Congress, and that of the protection of the people; in the “House of the People,” which any call to drag out onto the Capitol Mall and incarcerate our representatives would be just insane and un-American.

Speaker Ryan moments ago once again tried, with gavel in hand to quell or end the sit-in to no avail, and the longer this goes on, the longer will the memory of it last – perhaps we may be on the brink of history being made, on par with the Civil Rights movements of the 1960s?

Yes.  The ‘Founding Fathers,’ probably might’ve never envisioned this, however they were correct in the effort and in the formation of an “imperfect Union.”  And such an imperfection in this climate of death, in the effort to bring forward the “vote” isn’t tantamount to changing the U.S. Constitution, but that which to re-enforce it – However, it appears that the Republicans, and even with bi-partisan sponsored bills tabled/failed as the result of the Senate filibuster last week, desire to remain in the pockets of and in a perpetual special interests stranglehold.  And controlled by a powerful lobby that puts its own singular interests before the American people at-large, and of whom appear apathetic to the carnage, death and destruction wrought by their irrational and unyielding grip of those they pull the strings upon in Congress.

FindingDoryFootnote: After what had happened in Orlando, and throughout, nothing was stopping us from going out taking our youngest out to see this l’il character …If not to put out of our minds for a moment the insanity, but also remember just what “freedom” and “liberty” is all about, and that fear & paranoia is simply not in our DNA. We simply have to find ourselves, and our place now & for history to judge.

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