History In The Making … “Again”

Dateline: @home
June 24, 2016  8:00am (PDT)

It looks as though, in the land where the sun never sets, the sun has since risen. The tally of the BREXIT vote appears clear that Britain will leave the European Union. More notably it looks like a clear victory for the conservatives, and the isolationist of this nation (of course with the thick perception of xenophobia), to build a ‘wall’ again and of some sort? Political and economic analyst, as well as commentators have cited parallels with what is happening on the other side of the Atlantic, and with the General Election vote come November. Will The_Donald “Make America Great Britain Now?”

BrexitWhat is of interest in this moment in history, aside from the financial and economic ramifications is the political one; if not a social one regarding immigration, health services, education, etc. And where the Republican front runner “cheered” the BREXIT victory, and in the context of his own perceived financial windfall. The problem with this, and from where he perceives some sort of personal financial victory, is that his Turnbury, golf course/club is in Scotland and where the majority of the Scottish voters were ‘against’ BREXIT — putting him in a very awkward light with with not only Scots but British subjects, and entertainers alike. Ironically he is appears to cheer and welcome the economic uncertainty of this, and akin to his happiness over the near financial collapse of the U.S. economy in during the mid-Ots and of which prompted him to profit from an MLM in the way of The Trump Network, and alleged scam of Trump University; of which is now in litigation.

BrexitAside from the ridiculous antics, words & tweets of the Republican presumptive presidential nominee, this vote appears to be having a tremendous affect on western Europe, and the European Union as a whole, where Germany is now having to take the lead as it is the next powerhouse in the union. However analysts are predicting that the vote has now opened the door for more referendums by other Union members to leave, and especially in Scotland where a great majority voted to stay within the Union. Yet, perhaps the beginning of the end of it.

Although it is far too early predict, or even fathom the global repercussions (recession?) in/of this moment in history, it perhaps is indeed a peek into America’s own ‘referendum’ come the Fall; as well as thin parallels. Nevertheless, this sense of “nationalism” (ultra?) and the progression thereof in the previous century and what it led to is a valid consideration. But is it a threat in this one? Will another form of the “Dark Ages” envelop Europe in spite of Nigel Farage‘s shocking renege of what was promised to the voters? Time shall most certainly tell as the shock will continue to reverberate there and possibly around the world.

BeCarefulWhoYouVoteFor_C“It” was in America before his candidacy.

FindingDoryFootnote: In leaving the SouthLand late last night evidence of this was visible on the Interstate, along with the prevalent smell of smoke. Our prayers to those families affected, and commendations to the CDF and supporting agencies/organizations, in that once again we are yet again in another season of destruction.

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