Some Final Thoughts On BREXIT

Dateline: @Home on a foin’ Saturday morn’ …

BrexitAs we do have family, friends and professional acquaintances of whom are citizens of Britannia, Ireland and Scotland I cannot help but wonder what the future holds for them.  In communications with some the feelings are mixed; some wanted to leave, and where the majority wanted to stay. But it is in this context of democracy that prompts thought over the ‘ends justifying the means,’ so to speak, and in terms of the news surfacing that the promises made during the campaign to either stay or leave will not be honored – more to the point, just by who’s end?

Regardless of the means it is clear that change has come and time will tell if it is for the better, or for the worst. Yet, not akin to matrimony and where the vow for better or worst hold eternal.  This change is but a chapter in the history of Europe, if not the world and the departure of Britain from the European Union should be a reminder of how politicians can shape the political landscape and hearts of those willing to accept, but not the spirit and of which is most everlasting.

However, I do feel that ‘things happen for a reason,’ and although the ‘reason‘ for this moment in history may come as somewhat of a shock (or even disappointment), I’m confident that something good may come out of it; thankfully of one who has just left, and to spare us from further embarrassment:

{End of Line}

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