Pathologically Speaking

Finally The_Donald has “formally announced” his running mate and selection to join him as his vice-president. But it looks as though that the press picked up on a clear prevarication by him as soon as he affirmed(?) via Tweet yesterday that he had picked Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

Now if this doesn’t conclusively demonstrate how much of a pathological liar he is, it’d be hard pressed to match with another. But what poses another question, and especially with Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie is how do they feel being played the way they were? Meaning to say, that as long and as hard as they tried to win favor of being tapped they had no idea whatsoever as early as last Wednesday. And The_Donald declaring that Pence, was his “first choice?” Another question is how enthusiastic and ‘unified’ Gingrich & Christie will they be as the The_Donald & Pence hit and “pal around” the campaign trail?

But that is neither here nor there. However a more amusing matter is over the initial campaign logo that was put out late yesterday, and of which appears to having now been pulled:

“Oops?” What a “yuuuuge” cluster-f&ck that turned into. At any rate it’s all in good political fun, however not the best send off into a presidential campaign filled with lies and half-truths? It ‘oughta be amusing and worthy of “terrific” political reality-TV and the potential and imminent destruction of a wealthy person’s brand.

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