Of Plagiarism & Trumpsterfire

This is really getting ridiculous. And of all things that could go wrong in a presidential election it couldn’t get any worst for The_Donald.  In nearly 60 hours after Melania Trump gave her speech at the Republican National Convention, the controversy still swirls over her clear, if not blatant snatching of @FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech.  Where, when and if it’ll ever end we may never know.  However, the political damage to the campaign has been done, and why The_Donald allowed this to happen is beyond any sane comprehension. And as time goes on, or until the next unhinged controversy arises this may remain well and at least to when the convention ends …and the real amusing entertaining begins?


And enter “stage right” one “Meredith McIvers?” Gotta stay tuned for this one …

@ 7/23/2016 – It looks like this is not going to go away anytime soon. But rightly so. It’ll carry from time to time well into the general election campaign season, and strictly a reminder to the electorate as to how fallacious The_Donald’s campaign is. And possibly the culprit in the family member who dumped the original draft submitted, to be replaced with what Melania Trump delivered before the whole body of the Republican party.

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