Can It Get Any Worse?


Dateline: Irvine, CA
August 1, 2016 8:30pm (PDT)

Over the course of the past several weeks, and over the course of the two conventions it appears that The_Donald’s campaign is cratering – an un-believable feat unparallel in American presidential campaign history.  No one could have predicted this, as no one at this very time last year might’ve predicted that he would be the Republican party’s presidential nominee. No one presumably could have foreseen just how in-the-gutter one candidate can get. For what is now happening has turned into not only a media circus but a political reality-TV, game show spectacle gone off the rails that shall be remembered in time immemorial.

It has been left to the media and press to comprehensively chronicle the events leading up to the General Election come November 8, including yellow/tabloid journalism (ie. National Enquirer, NY Daily News, NY Post, etc.) , and not to mention the severely filtered conservative Republican party echo chamber in and of the Fox News network.  However, as predicted the campaigns have gotten nasty, and it is predicted that it will get even more nastier.  But wasn’t it nasty not too long ago when The_Donald accused the POTUS Barack Obama of not being qualified to be President because ‘he was born in Kenya’ (or was it Indonesia?) and demanded his ouster because he did not submit a copy of his birth certificate to him and the tabloid media?  Thus launching a pre-presidential candidate campaign as birther?  How time flies when one is maliciously demeaning, and slandering the leader of the Free World.

Up to and as of late personally insulting and attacking the Gold Star parents of a decorated (posthumously) hero, the late U.S. Army Captain, Humayan Khan, The_Donald has taken unhinged nasty to another level.  Juxtaposed is the nasty attacks upon him personally of those, such as this correspondent, in accusing him of being a “traitor,” simply because of his duplicity over his past admitted relationship Putin, and now the subsequent and recent denial of it. Yet, to encourage a diplomatic adversary in the way of Russia and Putin in helping him politically is as despicably nasty as it gets.


But then there is the more salacious and even nastier attacks, and of the ever growing fringe theory of The_Donald being an accused “rapist.” And where his nasty rhetoric on immigration, and of Mexicans being “rapist,” and “murderers” is still a fresh ‘Taco Bowl‘ memory in the hearts and minds of those who’ve come to revile him.

What will it take to stop all the vile, and nasty attacks?  And not necessarily from Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein, or Libertarian party’s Gary Johnson, or even directly from Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, since all that The_Donald has said & tweeted pales in comparison. Perhaps a long awaited ‘pivot?’ No.  Such a maneuver is completely lost upon one who is pathologically impaired. Yet, objectively it will get nasty, and it appears that The_Donald is ill-fit, if not unfit to wage a political war against himself.  Yes. Himself because all of what he has said & tweeted throughout the primary campaigns, and now in entering the General Election campaigns it appears that he is blowing holes, gaping holes in his Titanic of an impending disaster.


The booing of the mother of an active-duty son in the U.S. Air Force in the Middle East by The_Donald’s #MAGA supporters at vice-presidential candidate, Mike Pence’s town hall earlier today in Reno, NV is just another example of the ugliness, and vile and divisive environment that he himself has created.  And of personally insulting the Ghazala Khan in snark innuendo that just because she is a Muslim that she was ‘not allowed’ to speak at the Democratic convention as she stood by her husband’s side was the height of sheer stupidity. He got even more snarky suggesting that Khizir Khan’s words were not genuine, sincere nor that of his own, but that of the ‘Clinton campaign’ – Did anyone catch the deer-in-headlights of Melania Trump when by his side?  And just who is Meredith McIver?

To this point, does it get any worst?  Perhaps if we think of it this way, in that it can only get better. It’s a valid subjective thought.  Perhaps one can look at it from an amusing if not entertaining point of view; with the Star of the Show doing what he does best. “Believe me.

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