Of Rape & Context


Dateline: Cupertino, CA (6:42 pm PST) — Isn’t it all about context?  The attorney in question and provocative declaration is not about the subjective opinion whether men are physically stronger than women. Rather in the argument, and in the case of a rape(s) his client has been accused of, it is clear that his point is completely moot, without merit and just down right moronic.

Since O’Reilly & Trump the sexual abuse of women has been thrust into the forefront of American discourse and attention where focus has been upon the timeless physical and sexual abuse of women.  And in this context with regard to disgraced Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes, and more recently that of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly these now geriatric abusers have figuratively ‘gotten away with it,’ up until now.

But what “it” is must be placed in it’s proper context. Words alone cannot define the perceived psychotic crimes, alleged and or to be proven, committed against the women in both the contexts of Ailes and O’Reilly.  And the actions of the accused are not only in the court of law and that of sealed records, but of public opinion and in the context of social justice.

It is obvious that the mentality of a male sexual predator, or abuser thinks and believes less of the opposite sex.  It is obvious that their, in some cases pathological, behavior towards women bear little to no consequence in their desire to satisfy some depraved sensation of satisfaction.

What appears to be lost upon abusers is not only what the abused emotionally and psychologically goes through, but that of the husband, son, nephew, godson, uncle, grandfather, and or any extended male relation either by blood, by friendship or acquaintance.  And in this context the weakening of these males can be quite obvious in behavior and general well-being.  Not only does the abuser/predator attack a female, but all if not most instances they also attack the males who are naturally angered, yet in another sense, or at the same time weak and vulnerable. And it is here where from a societal standpoint men may become weaker than women; where the woman remains steadfast and strong to stand up to the abuser(s) as with O’Reilly of late.

The sad reality of any event involving sexual abuse against women is that it happens. Not only in a high profile instances such as in media broadcasting but in private and individual lives.  What brings positive attention to this pervasive malaise and crimes is that most if not all touch the lives of many others.  And, in the parlance of the conservative AM talk-radio demagogue Rush Limbaugh: “Shining The Light,” on the sheer stupidity and ignorance of those who would advocate that “women are weak” and thereby, and in that context they are “good liars— all in the context of forced sexual rape.

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