Of 100 Days & Treason

Dateline: San Francisco, CA (10:15 am PST) — Just chilling in the ‘City by the Bay,’ and then news breaks regarding the Trump-Russia alleged collusion & scandal being investigated by both the House of Representatives and Senate. House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz along with Rep. Elijah Cummings and in reviewing documents pertaining to the investigation appears that former Donald Trump National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn may perhaps have broken the law – Federal law(s) at that in the submission of his U.S. Federal Standard Form No. 86.

This comes on the heels of not only Congress returning from the Easter break, but of news that the investigations in both chambers have ‘bogged down’ to the point of ineffectiveness regarding the investigations into the allegations that Russia had meddled in the last election. Coupled with the impending “100-day Agenda” that Donald Trump set forth during the campaign it appears that this Administration is not only in distress, but in the throes of an impending catastrophic event. The night before CBS/Colbert provided some comedy relief to a dire and serious morning after …Nevertheless “the hits just keep on coming.”

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