#WhyAsk3Times ?


Dateline: Lancaster, CA (2:00 am PST) — Something doesn’t sound right. In fact several questions are raised over The_Donald’s firing of former FBI director James Comey after his interview with NBC’s Lester Holt.

First, The_Donald’s firing of director Comey, the day following his testimony before the Senate sub-committee investigating the Russian meddling in the last General Election, is not only suspicious but the timing could not have been worst. Knowing that he is an impulsive thin-skinned individual ,who is merciless to those who cross him, or those who he perceives have crossed him serves to underscore this point.

Next, the closed-door meeting with the very Russian diplomats and politicians whom are suspected of meddling and whose intelligence agencies may have had a hand in affecting the last election. At the same time barring the American free press, but allowing the Russian government sponsored media in the way of TASS to capture pictures of them meeting.

Last … why did The_Donald have to ask then FBI director James Comey if he was “under investigation” by the FBI, and in light of this interview declaring that he emphatically ‘knew’ that he was not citing what he has been told by others, and in not having received certain ‘documents?’

The answers to these questions have been answered by political wonks and hacks on both sides of the contradicting messages and declarations from this administration, however the overall question, at least to this correspondent is the latter. And in watching the interview one thing stands out in that The_Donald sounded like a used car salesman trying to sell an option for a vehicle that was deemed unnecessary. He appeared to be thinking and speaking off-the-cuff (or shooting-from-the-hip). Moreover it seemed that he was experiencing fleeting moments of cognitive dissonance over the reason(s) as to why Comey was fired. And what leaps to mind is that it appeared that he lapsed into the moment, as the host of his “The Apprentice” television game show.

To NBC’s Lester Holt’s credit, he did at least get The_Donald to admit that it was his decision, and his decision alone despite the flood of contradictions from the Whitehouse communications team … but a decision made months or weeks ago?  Yet the overall question is: why ask of Comey or confirm three times if there was an FBI investigation regarding him  personally, when he purports that ‘he already knew’ that he was not, and according to what he was told?

As the creator of “Fake News,” “showboating,” and discernable bald faced lies,  inclusive of his vast & extensive experience with gossip-tabloid media (eg. Breibart, WorldNet Daily, National Enquirer, Drudge, etc.) it appears not to be working with the American free press. In fact, as it was in the downfall of disgraced former president Richard M. Nixon, that all this appears to be on-par with.

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