It Doesn’t Get Any Uglier II

Dateline: Irvine, CA (7:15 am PST) — And so the #TrumpEffect continues to rage across the “fruited plain” .. And once again racism which Donald Trump has unleashed from the sewers, gutters and bilge tanks of the country continue to spill out into the streets with this latest incident out of Fremont, California:

..of which begs the question: What the fuck is wrong with people?  Well, just had to add my $0.02 worth to the injustice ..

One thought on “It Doesn’t Get Any Uglier II

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  1. Racism in America did not begin with President Trump. Racism in America has been rampant ever since the founding fathers (Most of whom were slave owners) wrote conditions into the founding of America that stated more or less that the only people in the country who would be allowed to participate in voting elections were going to be white people who also owned land. Racism is in the DNA of America and will never be erased. Even today there are many and subtle variations of racial discrimination practices all over the land and nobody does a thing about it. They talk about it but they never do anything about it.


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