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Dateline – 10/23/2019

On Monday, October 21st Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional investigation into Donald Trump’s crimes in the Ukraine scandal and impeachment inquiry took a new twist; they released a 4 page document outlining what may be contained in the Articles of Impeachment, upon vote, and of which will be sent to the Senate for further deliberations and vote to either convict, or exonerate.

the shakedown pelosiAs of this writ the current and former government officials are continuing to appear before Congress; via subpoena or voluntarily. In the meantime the Republicans in Congress and Trump’s supporters, both in public and on the ‘Internets’ continue to malign in an attempt to discredit the inquiry.

Watergate, President Clinton’s impeachment (for which he was not impeached) and Iran-Contra that saw many of President Reagan’s cabinet members and officals, including former-Lt. Col. Oliver North, go to prison.

This is a watershed and epic moment in American political history, and when it is all said and done, it will take a considerable amount of time to wash the stain that this criminal adminstration has and will leave.

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