Ukraine Gate

Dateline: 11/22/2019
34.8934851 – 117.0249399

Now that the testimonies are over in #UkraineGate & #ImpeachTrump testimonies in Congress the process now moves on to the House Judiciary Committee in order to craft the Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump.

All throughout and in the Twitter-sphere there were opinions .. even the opinion that Lt. Col. Vindman face a court-martial.  After the testimonies of Laura Cooper and David Hale a citation-tweet was tendered in response to this batshit insane allegation, come ‘conspiracy theory’ ..

.. then .. since the troll was performing in a circular pretzel logic cranial-rectal inverted argument counter-rebut for the DD-494 ..


.. of course could not provide then the troll went off, still in a rectal-cranial inversion made an appeal to #Q Anon .. which of course was not only pathetic, but capitulation to the point(s) raised against the batshit pro-Trump insanity and fuckery.

To this point and it’s Common Knowledge™ that it’s not over for #MAGA Donald J. Trump — it’s just beginning ..

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