Articles of Trump’s Impeachment

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Dateline: Monday, December 9, 2019

In a matter of hours the U.S. Congress Judiciary committee investigating Donald Trump in proceedings pursuant to his impeachment will commence. Much has been discussed, debated and argued over what the Articles of Impeachment will contain. Chairman Jerry Nadler declared over the weekend that “if” this were a civil criminal proceeding, outside of the Department of Justice rule that ‘no sitting president can be indicted,’ that the jury would come back in a matter of minutes with a guilty verdict.

While there is speculation of whether or not portions of the Mueller Report will be included the consensus among Democrats is that there is enough evidence to proceed with a majority vote to impeach Trump and to send to the Senate for a trial.
The hearing today will involve final closing arguments by the legislators and legal counsel on both sides of the aisle, now that it is clear that Trump has no intention of partcipating in the proceedings, and defying Congress with documents and key adminstration witnesses who have been “ordered” not to comply with the subpoenas issued.

This is to Trump’s peril .. and “par for the course” in his self-destruction ..

trump articles of impeachment FINAL

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