Hack Me Once Shame On You

Since the installment of Donald Trump in Federal employment as a [sic] “public servant” and government employee it’s becoming apparent that the security of the U.S. computer networks, both government and business have been compromised and repeatedly by for quite some time.

“Despite these initial indicators, the tremendous scope of the espionage campaign and its sophistication only became clear last week, after the elite cybersecurity firm FireEye disclosed a devastating data breach on its own network.

The revelation illustrates how a select few within the government’s most classified corners grappled with early warning signs of the massive hack — and launched into a months-long investigation that ended up uncovering links to the devastatingly sophisticated spying operation that has rocked Washington this week.

At least a half a dozen federal agencies are now known to have been targeted, including the Department of Homeland Security’s cyber arm and the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Energy and State.”

It’s common knowledge that transition in the Department of Defense/Pentagon have stalled and what brings into question are two of the most slippery if not nefarious individuals, David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski, who are now part of it in the way of the Pentagon DBB (Defense Business Board). The shake up may suggest certain terms of defense appropriations and fiscal matters involving Trump’s Mexico border wall. Conversely, obscuring if not hiding evidence and or as the adage goes knowing where to “bury the bodies.”

Along with the fatalities from the COVID-19 pandemic; Trump’s insistence to not only destroy democracy and the country’s election system, but to also suggest ‘martial law’ in the face of reality that he lost the 2020 General Election and re-election is not only reprehensible but seditious and treasonous at best, in spite of the oath he took back in January 20, 2017 .. he lied.

It is to this point that this hacking by Russians intelligence and Putin, the second since the 2016 elections has now happened on Trump’s watch. History will note that this Cyber Pearl Harbor of 2020 appears to have been allowed to happen upon and under the so-called ‘leadership’ of one so miserably failed; failed in his oath; he failed in his duty & without HONOR.

The Russians appear to have once again fooled the U.S. .. Shame on Trump.

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