Rules of Engagement (2000)

Finally got around to watching the movie Rules of Engagement on this Christmas & New Year’s down time and binge watching ‘bucket list’ flicks, as there is little to no time for recreation of late.

Really not knowing the cast other that it starred Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones (a couple of favorite actors) it was a surprise to find that Guy Pearce of L.A. Confidential (1997) fame; Ben Kingsley of Gandhi (1982) & Sneakers (1992) fame and Anne Archer of Patriot Games (1992) were also in the cast.

It wasn’t a bad movie, but not a great one either, and like in A Few Good Men (1992) found the military court martial in this cringe-worthy, in that it gave the impression that it is like a civilian court of justice. Not to mention there were a LOT more witnesses, in the way of those Marines who were involved in the rescue mission and who were never called – just the lead non-comm who was taken apart by Pearce who played the role of the tribunal’s prosecutor.

The conclusion of the plot was to be expected and there was an ample amount of whiz-bang scenes, however there were those moments between Jones and Jackson that exhibited chemistry between these two great actors – especially the scene where Col. Hayes (Jones) confronts Col. Childers (Jackson) after a fact-finding evidence collecting trip to the fictional country of Yemen. Not to mention the ending when Childers sees North Vietnamese Col. Cao played by Baoan Coleman of movie The Hanoi Hilton (1987) fame, who was called in as a witness in the course of the court marital for possibly the very last time.

Yet, in all IMHO it deserves the 2-1/2 stars it received.

— Jor Ayl

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