Meet The Traitors

Just ahead of the Senate electoral college vote certification twelve Republicans at this time have stepped forward to protest and to vote against the confirmation of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-president elect Kamala Harris.

This just in: The Washington Post has published and made public a recording of Trump’s conversation with Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger where in abstract The Donald continuing to rant and rave over “massive voter fraud,” in Georgia .. without any evidence nor proof.

Raffensperger: “The problem with social media is that people can say …”

Trump: “No. No. This is not social media, it’s Trump media …”

The rhetorical question begs: Are they really ‘traitors?’

For now it’s only a dozen have confirmed it .. but time will tell .. Yet, at no time in the current and or remote past era of American politics, and in the transition of power of the Federal government has such a reprehensible and vile exhibition of anti-Democracy lunacy been displayed. These twelve senators, all Judas’ to the very foundation of the Republic will go down in history as those who sought to not only overturn and election but to steal and disenfranchise the votes and will of the American people. It is this very act that not only reeks of seditious behavior but one that promotes fascism and support of a political cult; a cult of personality in the way of Donald J. Trump.

This effort by the Republicans is not only moot but only serves to promote the LIE that Trump won in an insane and delusional “landslide” in the 2020 Election. Even after over 50 defeated lawsuits by the Trump campaign; state U.S. district court rulings and to top it all off a Supreme Court ruling pretty much demolishing any hope of advancing the lie, and that there was ‘no massive voter fraud’ found, nor evidence thereof .. The Cult of Trump continues to propagate the lie and sheer unmitigated propaganda.

The past four years have culminated in this baseless upheaval of a U.S. election and from Tuesday, January 20, 2021 and until the next General Election, President Biden and Vice President Harris will lead the country out of the disasters that Trump has created & fostered .. and away from the precipice of doom.

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