Post Mortum – Attempted Attack on America

With just over 48 hours after Donald J. Trump order to march on Congress, which resulted in an attack upon the government and democracy of the United States of America much still has to be unpacked. It would be a grotesque understatement that much has happened since the Trump inspired attempted insurrection and destruction in and of the seat of the nation’s People’s representation; the appropriate term would be massive.

In the past 48 hours or a mere two days since the attempted coup by Trump’s domestic terrorist in the way of QAnon, The Proud Boys and various cosplay right-wing so-called armed-militia groups there have been mass resignations of Trump’s criminal organization still occupying the Whitehouse. There have been firings and resignation from the Capitol police force over the apparent fecklessness and documented favorable treatment of those terrorists who stormed, looted and vandalized Congress; with the faces and names of those now being sought by local and Federal law enforcement around the country.

There is now discussions about impeachment and the invocation of the articles of removing Trump under the 25th amendment of the United States Constitution, the law of the land, and after this heinous and reprehensible breach in the nation’s capitol. There are also questions over the response of Federal and local law enforcement, including the state of Maryland’s national guard to the attack. And although all this, and more questions that are to be addressed, the over all question is what will Trump do next? Will he resign? Will he attempt to pardon himself? Will he once again call upon his domestic terrorist insurrection criminals to once again to continue their terrorism?

Trump knows and is insanely conscious of what had happened and what is now occurring ..

.. it’s this glimpse of where America is, as one of the placards read: “The Best Has Yet To Come”

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