9/11/2001 & 1/6/2021

How can this be compared to the last attack upon on the United States of America? How can the reasons for this be fathomed in the most comparative and concise manner? Let’s begin with the attack itself; Americans died .. not only on the 6th of January but also as far back as December 2000, through the winter of 2021. Who did this; foreign terrorist .. on the 6th it was domestic terrorist. How will this be remedied? Continued investigations, arrests, indictments, prosecution and a congressional commission of the American people and by the American people.

This attack on the United States was a planned and coordinated attack by players and conspirators that are now beginning to emerge – in 9/11 it took a considerable amount of time to determine who was responsible – on 1/6 it is abundantly clear who were involved in this domestic terrorist attack.

Begin with Donald J. Trump’s declarations;

Trump addressed supporters shortly before Congress convened for a joint session to confirm the Electoral College vote won by President-elect Joe Biden.

.. a match was lit as the hangman’s noose and guillotine and police zip-ties and assortment of assault weapons and IEDs were at the ready in D.C. and around the capitols of other states. This was not a ‘riot’ or some form of ‘protest.’ It was a violent attempted take over of the U.S. government. And it came as a surprise attack, just like the foreign attack on the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon and the country’s airlines on 9/11. Even more the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Yes, in all three of these attacks there were indications, or even hints that an attack was imminent, however the in the latter America persevered and in the end was victorious.

As of this writ law enforcement around the country are now hunting down the perpetrators and the domestic terrorist who committed this heinous and DEPLORABLE act of treason. And many are being found and apprehended; some resigning from employment from the fact that they were in attendance and part of the mob that illegally entered the Capitol with the intent to harm, destroy, to loot and to seek out legislators and public servants whom they, in all irony were “traitors.”

The parallels between the attacks upon the Republic and the country may not be altogether similar, however the evil that was behind them all was the same. To destroy the United States of America . And those who participated and or planned, or even led this will face a reckoning, and a deserved harsh one.

– Jor

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