U.S. Civil War (2021)?

No one as of yet has dared to utter or even say it. No one want to even think that what America is faced with is a potentially violent and deadly confrontation with those bent on not only overturning a lawful election but to continue the fascist occupation of Donald J. Trump, currently in federal employment by all nefarious means necessary.

The upcoming inaugration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be a watershed moment in U.S. political history. Trump with his minions in & of the domestic terror mobs of The Proud Boys, QAnon, right-wing armed cosplay so-called ‘militia’ groups and organizations throughout the country are out to usurp this by means that are clear; the attempted storming of the nation’s capitol on January 6th being the primary indicator. And all this, presumably is the last ditch effort by Trump to dodge investigations, indictments, prosecution and eventually imprisonment for another four years and beyond. And who for now protected by a ceratin justice department rule that no sitting president can be indicted/prosecuted because of the security of and for the nation that the executive branch is exclusive.

It has been reported that law enforcement, the military and national security agencies have been alerted to an “imminent threat” from the very same entities that conducted the assault on the capitol last Wednesday, and their concerns begin to grow as the potential for more domestic terror may go beyond Washington, D.C. to many state capitols and especially where the election was contentious as well. As disturbing as this may sound the overall consensus by certain officials is that the U.S. capitol is secure, however and again, the other capitols around the nation may be in danger and it is this variable that threatens the very heart of this country’s law and order.

President-elect Biden has recently pushed back on the recommendation that the inauguration and swearing-in be held indoors within the capitol building and in the Rotunda where the nation’s dignitaries and those honored by the nation is held in state, however as not to allow the appearance that the terrorist will have their way in this hallowed transfer of power he is committed to holding this event outdoors as in time, and in tradition of this democracy immemorial. This does pose a myriad of security concerns, however with a division-size (or maybe more) presence of national guard, and law enforcement now and during the inauguration certain concerns may perhaps be assuaged. Yet, the holding of the swearing-in ceremony of the next administration is a must; akin to soon after the attack that Congress continued the certification of the electoral votes.

As of this writ the U.S. House of Representatives is moving in an expedited urgency and forward with impeachment proceedings and will take a simple majority vote on a single article: Article I: Incitement of Insurrection

As of now the country is at a presumable state of war with those domestic terrorist for which no clear policy, legislation nor protocol has been established by the Department of Justice to address, and only that for foreign threats of terrorism.

The threat is real. The threat is now and the threat of all-out war looms.

– Jor

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