Three days ago Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) gave an interview and a glimpse into what Donald Trump’s behavior was during the attempted takeover of the U.S. government by his Proud Boys, QAnon right-wing militia cosplay thugs and terrorists whom he had incited in their all-out attack on the U.S. capitol last Wednesday, January 6th.

It turns out that Trump “was delighted,” as well as ‘confused’ as to why those in his coterie of traitors were not as joyous, or even excited in jubilation as he, as the violence, attacks and deaths unfolded for the nation, and world to see.

Donald Trump is a sick, unhinged deranged pathetic sorry excuse for a human being; the behavior of a stark raving lunatic who was able to incite and inspire not only run-of-the-mill followers in to what has long since turned into fascist cult-of-personality, to the most violent of organizations and groups who were hell-bent to seek and find those legislators/officials who they deemed as “traitors.” – but, who are the real traitors? Yet, what is lost upon the poorly educated, whom Trump has proclaimed that he loves is that what they did will have devastating repercussions in the way of law and order – As suspects who participated in this insurrection are rounded up.

Yes, this was national tragedy however what may be to the ‘delight’ of presumably many real-Americans is the knowledge in (according to many and various legal scholars of the U.S. Constitution, which Trump has not or unable to digest because of his severe lack in reading comprehension of the law) the fact that Trump, can and may be impeached in the House of Representatives; convicted in the Senate even after he leaves office. The most important aspect of this reality is that he will never again be able to seek office or even as a federal employee and or a Whitehouse janitor; he will have forfeited his life-long benefit of U.S. Secret Service protection, among a number of benefits granted to former presidents who had served HONORABLY.

In hearkening back to the debates in 2016 with Democrat presidential nominee, former Secretary of State, NY Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton the memory of her assessment of Trump still haunts to this very day. Where she described him as “dangerous” and in so many words: “a clear and present danger” to the country if he were elected president .. #HillaryWasRight

Donald Trump’s delight will be short-lived from now and until President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is sworn in, and where the past 5-6 years and since descending from that escalator in Trump Tower in, New York City will just be a delightful memory as prosecuted til the end of his days, and or he sits in prison.

– Jor

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