Peaceful Transfer Of Power

With six days to go until the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and the beginning of a new U.S. presidential administration the threat continues to loom from the terrorists that Donald Trump has unleashed on the country and the capitol.

Source: MSNBC

There is a great sense urgency to have a “transfer of power.” There is a great effort to secure the event; given the threat recognized by the Biden-Harris Transition Team:

“… This criminal attack was planned and coordinated. It was carried out by political extremists and domestic terrorist, who were incited by President Trump…”

This is a powerful declaration which has been for the most part Common Knowledge and a Natural Fact ..

Today Trump posted a video on Twitter, but not on his personal account of which was banned, but the @POTUS Twitter account (which will become President Biden’s per Twitter internal policy in coordination with government entities) and once again being deceitful and criminal. Feigning contrition it was by all accounts reprehensible as to be expected and par for his depraved and deranged behavior which has escalated since the election last November – of which he lost in a ‘landslide‘ to Biden.

The leadership of the country was suspended on Wednesday, January 6th when Donald Trump simply watched and enjoyed, and was “delighted” with the attack on the U.S. capitol – The country is without a head-of-state; America is now at war, with not only a deadly pandemic but against & with a domestic-terrorist movement spawned and incited by Donald Trump’s neo-fascist, white supremacist cosplay ‘militia’ entities, and this ‘transfer of power’ is not expected to be ‘peaceful,’ (‘hope springs eternal’) but with enhanced guard and security now that the enemies within are for the most part identified.

— Jor

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