Traitors In Our Midst

A troubling and serious matter has arisen from the Wednesday, January 6th Donald Trump incited terrorist attack on the U.S. capitol later this evening. “Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.) suggested members of Congress may have helped some of the rioters conduct ‘reconnaissance’ before they stormed the building.” Although it has been reported that this allegation is now ‘under investigation,’ the prevailing question is and will be WHO? Representative Sherrill, a veteran U.S. Navy pilot suggested that she may know just who, but did not at this time want to name-names . . as protocol and decorum dictate, and until the findings are documented in the on-going investigation.

However, there are the usual suspects, who as it is Common Knowledge have been behaving in the most seditious fist-raising and pumping to the throngs of the impending terrorist of the capitol their support.

It would be highly premature to speculate who these congressmen and or women were, however it is likely that they are the very ones who not only oppose the certification of President-elect Joe Biden as the next president, but those with possibly in-direct or even direct ties to the very same terrorists who assaulted the the capitol and who targeted certain lawmakers for reasons the appear to be violent and deadly.

This is a very serious allegation and account of how, as in law enforcement and military have these radical terrorist infiltrated those who have sworn, in oath allegiance to the office, or service that they hold, and to the nation and its laws holding together this democracy and government.

There is a thunderous reckoning about to arrive in Washington, D.C. and it isn’t the sound of those who attacked the capitol. It will be the disclosure of those who had conspired with the Proud Boys; the QAnon crazies and the cosplay right-wing ‘militia’ fascists and terrorists groups. These groups who used Donald Trump’s act and words to incite the most heinous crime imagined against the United States of America. And some have ventured to speculate that more than half, if not three-quarters of those who were there on that fateful day last week may be feeling a sense of not only shame, but guilt in being part of history in the most despicable manner possible.

History has seen what fascist employ in using unwitting, or even naive people in their effort to promote a sense of reason and rationale, however depraved and deranged it may be. This correspondent saw it in those whose glassy eyed delusion were swept up in the frenzy that was for all intents and purposes an insurrectionist terrorist mob – these people will not be returning to Washington, D.C. on or before Inauguration Day.

Only the real criminals who are in continued hell bent insanity will show up .. with their guns; their pro-Trump banners and regalia; their nooses, zip-ties, weapons, IED and confederate flags, and all in the name of some delusional sense of “freedom.” But this time any “reconnaissance” will not be had. It will be a demonstration of just who the enemy is and to benefit of law enforcement facial recognition apparatus’ as to just who is that stupid to “step up, and show up.”

Nevertheless, those lawmakers who by now are presumably worried (if not, they are certifiably depraved) about what they did in aiding and abetting these criminals might want to continue to take a long hard look at what they did, and lawyer up. Because if they are that dense not to have read and comprehend the U.S. Constitution, and especially the 14th amendment, they have no right to be serving as a legislator(s) in Congress.

— Jor

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