Update: 1/20 at 0817 hrs. the chopper taking Trump to JAB Andrews has lifted off..

Update: 1/20 at 0855 hrs. Trump has boarded AF1 for FL .. but not before lying his ass off about the wreck he has left the country in & running away from D.C. & inauguration like criminal butt hurt loser.. good riddance.


America is just hours away from healing and reflection. In watching the acknowledgement of those who passed away from the pandemic, thoughts immediately went to those who might not have needlessly perished IF the threat was not LIED to the People of the United States, not to mention the world about. The statistic of over 400 thousand deaths and over 24 million cases is the shocking truth of the disaster that is Trump. The terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol nearly two weeks ago by his followers is fresh in the minds of just about everyone; the past four years . . .

There were tears of sorrow in watching the nation’s COVID-19 memorial ceremonial honor, from the Lincoln memorial Reflecting Pool and strange as it may be, it was also tears of joy knowing that in a matter of hours the horror, the monster .. the pariah who had brought the nation to this place will be leaving.

Many have been waiting for tomorrow, forever .. to finally say to Donald J. Trump: GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!

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