Why Did Joe Biden Run For President?

It is Inauguration Day and this correspondent was asked this question from the youngest of kin. At 12:00 noon today President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be sworn and inaugurated as the new leaders of a country that is on the brink of collapse after four years of Donald Trump’s feckless, irresponsible and criminal employment as a Federal employee. Who was assisted by Russia in garnering the top position in U.S. government & who himself was sworn-in as a [sic] “public servant” broke is OATH to the American people. On January 20, 2017.

Yet the question begs: Why did Joe run? There are more than likely many, many reasons but the one most common and what would anger a true patriot, statesman and citizen was what happened was the violent turned deadly “Unite The Right” rally in August 11–12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Again, President Joe Biden more than likely had many reasons to run for President, however one can only imagine what his reaction was to this horrific event when Trump said that there were, “Very fine people. On both sides . . .” and characterizing those who chanted xenophobic and racist -bent slogans as ‘very fine people‘ too. What Trump was so stupid to not understand that there was no comparison whatsoever.

As time when on and upon learning that this profoundly affected Biden and subsequently announcing that he would seek the Democratic nomination in the coming 2020 general election, Trump saw a threat. It dawned on him at some point that Biden would be his greatest threat to his re-election. He then took on a campaign to attack Biden and using the country of Ukraine as the mainstay of this strategy, which eventually would result in his first impeachment. It became an insane ‘gloves off’ attack in fabricating a narrative and accusation against Biden’s own son, Hunter Biden & charging the now disgraced former NY mayor turned corrupt attorney in his long-time friend, Rudy Giuliani. And throughout, and although the accusation(s) held no merit Trump’s campaign continued with the lies. Which in the end did not bear any resemblance to the truth, or even facts.

Did Joe take this personally? Would anyone?

As of this writ and in a matter of hours President-elect Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States of America – Trump will slink off to his mansion/resort in Mar-a-Lago, Floriada as loser .. and now without the protection of a certain U.S. Department of Justice rule that “that no sitting president cannot be prosecuted” (for the safety and security of the country) he will come to face a slough of investigations, indictments, trials, convictions and imminent imprisonment. Unless, like dodging the Vietnam war draft in the 1960s, will attempt to once again dodge his reckoning.


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