Why Is This Woman Smiling?

Earlier this week MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow offered a segment on her show in what was next for former and disgraced President Donald J. Trump and what she laid out was not so much startling but factual as to what is in store for the former President.

What her narrative entailed was but a snapshot of what #covFeFe is looking at now and in the future in terms of continuing investigations, grand juries .. possibly indictment(s) now that he is a ‘private citizen’ and just another civilian; prosecution and eventually imprisonment.

There is no doubt that Rachel is smiling because she and other like-minded people know what Trump did on January 6, 2021 was the capstone of his criminality in his term as a federal employee and a [sic] “public servant” and that a reckoning is coming, sooner or later.

Yes, she smiling because for the past four years the nation has been on the precipes of disaster and what saved it was an election that Trump tried to subvert in an insurrection by his domestic terrorist followers consisting of the far-right thugs QAnon, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys ..the alt-Right, fascist neo-Nazis, white supremacists and garden variety crazies and kooks in his Cult of Trump™ .. which for all intents and purposes is now his “army” .. and a fomented group of criminals who Donald J. Trump, Jr. even alluded to forming in the campaign and lead up into the 2020 General Presidential Election.

It’s Common Knowledge™ ‘n Natural Fact© that Putin and his intelligence apparatus’ have been cultivating #kag #maga #DonaldTrump for years AND they found that he had a weakness AND a penchant for hookers and porn stars; criminal fraudulent enterprises and sexual assault. N ot to mention rape and friendship with a pedophile & ‘that was the ticket’ .. they saw a weakness in a budding kompromat & exploited it.

Even during those years when he was pimping beauty contests they weren’t sure where their investment would get them, but their gamble paid off when he was installed as a Federal employee in the highest assignment in the U.S. government .. why they (Putin/Russians and other enemies) are perhaps the are embedded .. it’ll be in the grand juries, investigations, indictments, prosecution and likely imprisonment(s) that can bring to light the breadth and scope of the threat.

Trump is expected to go-blind in mounting legal expenses .. not to mention what was spent in the 60 lawsuits, in a criminally insane effort to defraud a U.S. general election with the “big lie” that it was a fraud and that he was cheated .. yet, it’s never too late for “law and order” .. a term in propagandistic mantra #covFeFe incessantly used in his campaigns and throughout (even when his domestic terrorists assaulted U.S. Capitol police on #Jan6) .. because he feared it . . and will con’t to do so in the coming days, weeks, months and years . . .

Yet, the threat from the terrorist Trump continues to exist and that any smiling at this point should and must be short-lived..

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