George Floyd’s Murderer Trial

In watching the 2nd day of the trial of #DerekChauvin who is on trial for the indicted murder of Minneapolis’ George Floyd it appears that the his defense team are a bunch of feckless incompetents who wound up “opening the door” for the prosecution twice in re-direct question and testimony.

Source: NYT

In this the second day of the trial the prosecution’s case is difficult to watch and hear – it is for the most part an account of horror and a visual exhibition of police brutality.

DAY 3 – 3/31/2021

.. in watching #DerekChauvin‘s defense team and what leaps to mind in the strategy that they are employing, in trying to impeach and or attack the prosecution witnesses testimony is that they are desperately “kneeling” and praying for a hung jury .. the defense appears that they are at a point that “can’t breathe” with the irrefutable video and testimonial evidence now being brought forth and will continue to be presented in this expected lengthy trial ..

UPDATE May 7, 2021 – Ex-Minneapolis Cops Indicted on Civil Rights Charges for George Floyd’s Death -It’s Common Knowledge™ ‘n Natural Fact© that the conviction of #DerekChauvin and collectively the prosecution of these cops will lead to the fall of the “Blue Wall’ . . .

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