The Defense Rests

Jury deliberations have begun in the trial of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the arrest, torture and murder of George Floyd and to this point it is anyone’s guess what the verdict will be. However, and while opinions fly whether he will be found guilty or innocent .. it is clear that the 9 minute and 30 second in video and in the final moments of Geo. Floyd’s life.

In listening to Chauvin’s defense attorney Eric Nelson try to “throw the trial” in arguing that the trial was not fair because the jury was not sequestered throughout & the prosecutions’ arguments that underlined the duplicitous tactics of the defense, after the jury had since left the chamber into deliberation underscores the desperation. Both Eric Nelson and especially Derek Chauvin needs to “rest” . . . they are gonna need it.


Derek Chauvin was found guilty on “all three counts” in the torture and murder of George Floyd earlier today in a trial that had gripped a nation over a matter of police brutality – also in the countless number of killings of un-armed Black Americans by law enforcement. It appears that this is a bitter-sweet moment for most concerned .. it appears that America is changing .. and in this instance “Black Lives Matter” .. any denial thereof is nothing short of triggered and angered delusion.


Now convicted in the murder of Geo. Floyd it has been reported that Chauvin is currently in a “maximum security” state prison awaiting sentencing . . .

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. . In eight weeks will it be known if he will be eligible for parole and if the sentences will be concurrent or consecutive .. the latter just may be deserving.

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