Capitol Kill (A Day of Infamy)

Not making the rounds on Fox News, OANN, Newsmax and others, they are still hard in trying to forget, or even deflect the United States of America’s second “Day of Infamy” . . .

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In an op-ed conservative Republican Charlie Sykes might have it wrong; “The Tea Party” IS QAnon, Pout Boys, Oath Fakers consisting of nativist, fascist neo-Nazi white supremacist, deranged #kag #maga #DonaldTrump supporting right wing crazed cosplay militia goons, domestic terrorists and garden variety losers and kooks . . . it is a variant of socio-political ‘disease’ . . . just remember the #CapitolKill attack of #Jan6 MMXXI

. . . in another act of ‘terror’ 9/11 still haunts a nation.

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