Crypto Currency 101

Caught this monologue and opinion by presumably, and in some corners the most hated man on cable . . . and he makes cents . . . err . . . dollars (lots of it) . . . SENSE!

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“What you hope is that somebody else come along and pays you more money for them later on, but then that person’s got the problem. In terms of value: zero.” — Warren Buffet, On Crypto-currency, CNBC 2/18/2021

Seriously. Can Warren Buffet, a mega billionaire many times over be wrong in his opinion over this [sic] “currency?” But who isn’t sick and tired of someone/something responding to your social media post in a devious manner to get your attention and which has NOTHING to do with the context or topic of one’s opinion or point? This is now happening quite frequently nowadays of which is nothing but a pitch to buy something that was generated by NOTHING . . . but by somethin’ imagined and created by a string of binary algorithms that have little to do with cold-hard-cash.

No. Yours truly refuses to “buy” into this craze (and that’s what it is) sweeping the Internets™ and where hundreds of thousands, and millions if not billions and billions (no, just had a Carl Sagan/McDonald’s moment of clarity) of carbon units are bartering in-trade and have purchased into. Yes, P.T. Barnum put it best … or even suggested it:

Where ‘crypto’ takes one is the mystery of this technological age . . . but as it was once emphatically declared in a Tootsie Roll® pitch: “The world may never know.” . . . and to this point, who gives a fuck? . . .

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