When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated

.. Continue to be aware .. and to beware . . .Certain states, businesses and venues have now lifted the COVID-19 “mask mandate” henceforth ‘recommendation’ per the CDC’s notice late last week. While this has been received with mixed feelings as well as emotions it is certain that anti-VAXXers are rejoicing over this new ‘recommendation’ . . . however the the opinion of certain EXPERTS may be slightly or wholly different.

Now while it is uncertain as to the timing as well as where the virus will go (or morph into in terms of a variant) this attitude in “trusting” others in some faux “honor system,” who aren’t vaccinated and who must and or may mask is tragically laughable. It is a dangerous ‘false hope’ that some will now possess the opinion and attitude that they will not get infected , and worst become asymptomatic so as to pass it on to the more vulnerable . . . the elderly, especially children.

Now this is not to say that those who chose NOT to get vaccinated, nor to mask-up due to some political, religious or some anti-Vaxx cult-following mentality are negligent, they are however and for the most part a threat and a continued health hazard and that this ‘honor system’ should be disregarded and that masking should be at each individual, or family’s discretion . . but the threat still exists and this is a fact – take it from the experts – get vaccinated, tho’ some or many won’t . . . continue to mask & maintain hygienically aware distancing. . . recommendation notwithstanding, it’s humanity’s only hope.

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