Who Is This “We?”

. . . and just who is heading for a “crisis?” It’s to laugh how delusional some have become now that President Joe Biden is doing all the right things and to right all the wrong of the past four years under the stupid, feckless criminal federal employment of Donald J. Trump who incited, instigated and promoted the domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 AND while Congress was in a constitutional joint session . . . just because and like a spoiled brat couldn’t accept the ass kicking biggest landslide defeat in modern 21st century U.S. political / election history, which resulted in another “crisis” of historical proportions.

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Tho’ just who is this “we” who in mental delusion cannot “handle the truth,” and what “crisis?

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. . . It is lost upon the Poorly Educated® (whom Trump “loves”) that an election (that Trump insanely believes was ‘stolen’ from him) not only makes a difference, but also has consequences . . . to those who would like nothing more than to see this democratic republic destroyed. The delusion that the country is ‘heading into one crisis after another‘ is the height of ignorance, in that President Joe Biden is leading the country out of a ‘crisis’ and that which was Trump. And this ‘we?’ . . . Giuliani, Gaetz, et al. in the Donald Trump crime family / organization and the RepubliQan QAnon GQP party in congress . . . and in this context it is a CRISIS.

Yes, it is a “crisis” . . . to conspirators, collaborators and criminals . . . delicate “dandelions” and snowflakes all.

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