Did You Know?

That in just about every city in America there is a Chinese restaurant?

“Silence is complicity.

And we cannot be complicit, we have to act” . . .

President Joseph R. Biden, Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Act, 5/20/2021
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.. and here are the GQP QAnon Cult of Trump RepubliQans who decided NOT to “act,” but in sheer unmitigated IGNORANCE and bigoted stupidity chose to oppose. Yes. It was Trump who uttered those snide racist epithets during the rise and peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in an attempt to scapegoat without fact, subjective truth nor merit . . . and to target a certain and entire culture, ethnicity and community in the most racist exhibition of stupidity ever done by a [sic] politician . . . what then resulted was the incitement of hate and crimes unparalleled in U.S. history.

More may need to be done to mitigate the damage done by Trump who is a racist bigot and insane nativist, et al. however to this point . . . fuck ’em and in the meantime lock them up. Societies and communities can do without these threats.

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. . . it’s clear where the paranoid “privileged” bigoted fear comes from.

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