MTG – Unwrapped & Unhinged

She’s been in the news and media main-stream a lot lately. She has been banned and holds no committee seats or even moral respectability anywhere in Congress’ U.S. House of Representatives. Other than those in the lunatic fringe of what is now the GQP RepubliQan (bowel movement) . . Some if not many have opined that she is just batshit unhinged and nothing but a racist kook. Yet, she has fan base primarily consisting of white delusional voters who find her brand of bigotry acceptable.

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Majorie Taylor Greene began her foray into politics in GA-6 where she is from and found nothing but defeat:

” . . . She’s lost seven races in her entire political career… She steps down from seats that she does win so she can campaign for something else. Basically I would call her [a] professional campaigner, but she loses . . .”

Politico, “Political advertising could near $10B in 2020,” February 9, 2021

To underscore just how much of a “loser” she is she just had to pack up and carpet-bag her wares to GA-14 congressional district (84.3% white) because she had no chance against Rep. Lucy McBath (D-GA) in the 6th, and a population near equal to GA-6.

Greene will continue to be a pariah with what is left of Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan’s Republican party in Congress and will continue to push the Trump brand of unhinged, bigoted, nativist fascism, and this is where she garners and loves the attention. It is unknown how long she will continue to incite her variant of hate and stupidity in American politics, but as long as she holds sway over Donald J. Trump’s cult of the Poorly Educated® in her district there appears to be no end.

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. . . As a reminder it appears that the “lunatic fringe” has always been around . . . yet it took a degenerate Donald J. Trump to have them crawl out of their caves and rocks and into the blood stream of the body politic . . .

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From her “Jewish Space Lasers” which she said was responsible for the California deadly wild fires of years past to her recent psychotic raving lunatic narrative, about equating the health and safety measures of masking to that of the Jewish Holocaust of Hitler. For now she will be view nothing but a sick practical but malevolent joke . . . nothing more; nothing less.

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