Build A Wall ?

The_Donald wants to build a wall. And that’s just fine. However, isn’t such a campaign promise, how do I say, a bit wacko? Seriously, even conservatives in the media have taken exception to this hare-brained (sic) idea:

…P. T. Barnum did not actually say, ‘There’s a sucker born every minute.’ The maxim endures nevertheless, and if ever anything showed why, it is the chimerical immigration plan Donald Trump has managed to turn into a front-running presidential bid. On Tuesday, Trump shared that plan’s centerpiece with the Washington Post: his strategy to force Mexico to pony up the $5 to $10 billion he insists will be enough to build 1,000 miles of towering, impregnable wall …” – Andrew C. McCarthy | National Review | Read More

Now it begs to wonder, what in the hell is The_Donald thinkin’? And forget about the cost, just WTF is the practical application? Sure, it’s to keep out entry, and specifically from Mexico against those who want to enter the country illegally; sure it will appear as a deterrent, however isn’t this all about “keeping up appearances?”

Is it just a “show,” or even political theatrics? Sure. It’s all just superficial. But let’s take this wall for instance:

Source: Airpano

Impressive. Daunting …monolithic. Now the question begs, did it serve it’s purpose, like say the Hadrian’s Wall in northern England to keep out the Caledonians and the Picts? Subjectively, and presumably it did for the Chinese emperor who first built it. However, it was ultimately breached by nomads, and over run by the Mongolian Huns.

Now this wall that The_Donald wants to build, to protect the United States, may be an idea borne out of the ‘best of intentions,’ however in a crass, and insulting political manner that he is selling this comes off as nothing more than a vainglorious promise from a egotistical demagogic standpoint. As this idea of building The Wall is archaic, if not medieval in thinking, and to regress into the dark ages of castles, moats and majestic parapets is not progressive, here and now in the 21st century, but Cro-Magnon, if not Neanderthal in approach, and nothing short of reproachable; if not the initial step towards political and diplomatic isolationism.

Done that, seen that.

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