The_Donald’s Women Disorder

Dateline: New York, NY
May 16, 2016  8:00pm (PDT)

“…He took me into a room and opened drawers and asked me to put on a swimsuit,” so what is so wrong with that? Perhaps ‘nothing,’ yet the New York Times yesterday published:

The_Donald had a tizzy fit over it and cited the account of one woman and called the media “dishonest?” First of all the New York Times is not representative of “the media.” Second, to demonize “the media” as a whole, and as being slanted is a wee-bit that of psychological projection? And where he uses and exploits it to his own means and ends?

63676-trump_joker_card_600pxAnd of course, in a read of the article it also contained some compliment and praise for him. However what he appeared to get bent out of shape over was one part, and one woman who felt that her account of The_Donald was not accurate, even though she was quoted word-for-word in what she told the interviewing writers.Moreover, and in an interview with the writers it appears that there was more to the story than just this one woman. The article itself is somewhat of a mini-bio of The_Donald’s relations with women, of which offered a bit of history with regard to his own mother and other females who he did not ogle over and or tried to hit upon; rather other women who he insulted and denigrated, while at the same time offering advancement and professional reward. But of course this all doesn’t sit well with him, and the only “woman card” that he has is none other than former President Bill Clinton.

Obviously, The_Donald only wants to ‘cherry pick’ what is written about him in the press, media and on the Internets – perhaps to paint a cherry red propagandistic picture of how he ‘respects,’ and treats women?  Presumable that fair in the realm of campaign politicking and theatrics. But then there was this 1992 New York Magazine account woman-related account:


You just can’t make this sh!t up. And for all intents and purposes, political of course, The_Donald’s character certainly is ‘fair game’ to the media and the press when it comes to his personification of some upstanding guy, or some white knight in shining armor, and who is presumptively’ worthy of becoming President of the United States; that which raises the question regarding his electibility with the largest voting block in this particular General Election.

In the third, or turd, person The_Donald proclaims: “Nobody respects women more than Donald Trump. That I can tell you!” Which raises yet another question: Does he have some sort of personality disorder?

Albeit and as the idiom goes, ‘all is fair in love and war,’ and The_Donald is in a war for not his life, but his past and that of his political future – despite his short handed time in it. Much has already been said about his interactions with women; what he has said on his campaign stumps and interviews, and for the most part much has certainly been negative. He has accused his potential Democrat opponent as playing the “women’s card.” And only against a “woman” will we be able to conceptualize the veracity of how he feels and treats women. However, it’d be quite a challenge to come up with a “trump card” to counter the potential of having a “Boston” run on him in political campaign play?

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