Demagoguery Defined

Dateline: UC Irvine, CA
June 8, 2016  6:30pm (PDT)


So I post this tweet, in the amusement and political opinion & banter over Republican Senator Kirk‘s un-endorsement of The_Donald, as it was just the 2nd of dozens, if not many more to come:

Then comes this knee-jerk tweet(s) and come thread of exchange over the now pervasive violence at Trump rallies by miscreants and for the most part those angered by what The_Donald has said on his campaign stumps regarding, his proposed policies (or lack thereof), pandering, recent exploitation of Black American’s in-tweets, women, minorities, Latinos, Muslims, the handicapped, etc. etc. ad infinitum:

It certainly goes without saying that the “violence” that is now gripping this presidential and general election year is unprecedented in modern political times. Not since 1968, with the Kent State massacre, anti-war (Vietnam) movement and the Democratic national convention have we seen violence, and level of animus, and hatred from and in ’cause & effect’ to a political candidate. Yet the obvious question is “why?”

In defining this with the ‘knee-jerk,’ it is obvious that he/she/it does not have any concept whatsoever of “cause and effect,” and the demagoguery that The_Donald has based his entire campaign upon; in angering not only his supporters and cherry red and flavored #MAGA Kool-Aid™ guzzlers, but those who have the propensity to lash out and commit wanton crimes of violence. Moreover, this is not by any stretch of the imagination condoning nor supporting the violence!  But in order to troubleshoot a problem one needs to employ the method of finding the “cause,” and to address the cause/problem in order to arrive at a solution.  And in this case it is obvious; to keep The_Donald as far away from the Whitehouse as electorally possible.

To this point, and as of this writ, with a few GOP/Republicans now un-endorsing The_Donald, including news of fund raising problems coupled with disorganization wreaking havok within his campaign; the level of anger ‘mongst his most rabid of followers appears to be reaching yet a new level of irrationality, if not irresponsibility; initially on Twitter but now in the streets and in the cities in where this demagogue appears. No, and of course, supporters (conversely “bimbos” or “Trumpettes“), followers and The_Donald himself does not, nor cannot comprehend the repugnant nature of what he is spouting, nor what he/they are doing to make America un-GREAT again, but it is the overt hate, and bigotry, and racism is what is now fanning the flames of violence … Which he himself, and in sheer ignorance and stupidity had brainlessly started.

Nevertheless history will be the judge of this unfortunate chapter in/of American political history for years to come, as this correspondent feels it may make America a better or even safer place now that those & who would want to lead this ‘already great country‘ into destruction has been revealed.

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