Of Chickens & Men

Dateline: Elk Grove, CA
June 11, 2016  11:00pm (PDT)

How time does fly. When this correspondent first saw the snippet in an animated GIF (below) on Twitter, it brought back memories. Memories of a time when the Trump-brand was as tall as the Trump Tower, with celebrity popularity soaring as high as the emblematic American bald eagle.

SNLBut now, and since The_Donald has thrown his toupée (or hair-sprayed combed over implant?) into the political ring, the brand, popularity and reputation appears … how to put it lightly?  Headed for a dumpster, or conversely “Trumpster?” Yet, first things first. His slogan, or jingoism is “MAGA,” an acronym for isolationist, or a nationalistic screed of ‘Make America Great Again.’ But the question begs, isn’t ‘America’ great already? Or is he simply whipping up passions and animus over the course of his campaigns over the way things ‘oughta be? Wait, that rhetorical line of tripe has already been taken up by another AM-radio talk show host demagogue; perhaps he saw America of the 1950s and 1960s when America was “great,” and that of his privileged youth. Maybe it was during this time before the Civil Rights laws, equality for women and minorities, and when gasoline was pennies a gallon worth bringing back. And where a rural America was the cornerstone of progress.  Talk about the yearn for nostalgia …

Alas, those presumed great days are gone for The_Donald. Innovation, technology, competition in an ever growing global economy/trade are challenges facing America today, and where her greatness is still paramount. And contrary to the belief that The_Donald is marketing from a political campaign lectern.  But whatever is being marketed cannot match the will of the American entrepreneur, strength of industry and labor, including the small businesses working to grow and prosper in the beginning of this new century.  And despite after the years since 9/11 where teetered on the precipice of catastrophic economic ruin and financial collapse — a massive recession, but no depression.  And where the last eight years have been a period of recovery, but not the most ideal of prosperity.

Now here we have America in it’s finest moment of democracy, and with the election approaching the stakes are proportionally high.  On the Republican side chaos appears to have taken grip of the Grand Old Party.  The #notrump or #nevertrump movement still looms, and the threat of a 3rd party ticket in the way of two former popular Republican governors is beginning to gain some semblance of publicity and notice if not traction as an option.  However, what is plain to see is that The_Donald still clings to his fiery and bombastic shticks and spiels further driving discord and confusion with those who want to vote the Republican ticket, but cannot stomach plugging their nose, and pulling the lever for him.

The leadership of the GOP and that of Republicans appear to be going through a violent episode of cognitive dissonance, as it is clear that they will not be able to rein in this demagogue who has in effect hijacked the party of Lincoln.  McConnell and Ryan have recently offered their apologetic take and spin on the recent, and doubled-down racist attacks that The_Donald had leveled against a sitting U.S. Federal judge; at the same time coddling him – like the parents of a brat whose run amok in a supermarket.  Yet, with the moral compass of their party leader busted, a Titanic of a disaster appears imminent. Tragically, other members of the party have flown the coop to the point of publicly un-endorsing him, or not unequivocally stating that they would not vote for him.

What brings additional irony is the mainstream media’s pro bono publicity, which has carried The_Donald to where he is today and where last week lambasted them with their coverage of Trump University, and his attacks on Judge Curiel.  As the presumptive leader of the GOP, all that can be said is that he hasn’t lost his touch in being what he is; a bully, and a clown in a political circus with his contemporaries running around like chickens with their heads cut off in trying to save face, and the all important down votes which may just deliver to the Democrats both chambers of Congress in November.

It is clear that if there is anything redeeming about The_Donald is that he hasn’t changed much over the years, nor will he ever change from a vain character that people have come to know, and an American voting public and electorate now beginning to understand.  Nevertheless, the potential and irreversible damage to the “Trump” brand has a hefty price tag, which no amount of fast-food franchises, or corporate take overs can compare to.

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